The single most important thing is learning

Well, that's quite obvious you say. If we don't learn we don't develop, if we don't develop we will lose the race. What race is that you might ask? We will lose whatever race we are in, and we are probably in many races. More races that you can foresee actually...

Karl Alfredsson

A modern organization is all about not losing. You don't want to lose towards the competition, you don't want to lose your talents and you don't want to lose your competitive edge, that magic sauce that made you successful, or will make you successful if you are a startup. And yes the only thing that actually makes you win all those battles is learning and development! If the competition learn faster, better and more innovative things than you. If they develop their product, marketing organisation and processes faster than you they will win, if they learn and you do not - you will lose!

If you don't provide a good enough learning facilitation towards your employees and specifically your talents, they will leave. They will join that competitor, start their own thing or go into another field of business knowing that you were boring and didn't make them grow enough, didn't challenge them enough or provide them with the right type of knowledge facilitation to give them the opportunity to explore and develop within your organization, and maybe beyond that.

But the magic sauce that made me successful, that has nothing to do with learning… right? Well, just look at it from a different angle. No matter how good, original or magical your sauce is, someone else is trying to copy it right now. And in doing so they will learn new stuff, but will still, at least on paper be able to say that they have everything that you have and more, so where is your sauce now? You need to reformulate the sauce concept before it's too late and you  are copied… And well, even your clients would like you to continue develop your concept so they can continue to use your products or services and feel they are choosing the top notch thing!

After helping over 500.000 schoolchildren and training over 10.000 teachers, leaders and other staff within the school system, Loops decided to take it to the next level, but still with the key goal in focus - making learning better for people who learn!

So how should an organization approach learning?

Well it's not easy and we will probably continue to discuss this, but here are some pointers:

  • Make learning top of the agenda at HR, in strategies and other development processes.
  • Get everybody to understand that learning is highly valued and that the company supports such initiatives.
  • Make sure that your digital learning solution and digital support provides a flexible and self organizing arena where employees can both consume and produce learning processes.
  • Make sure that learning concepts and formal training is built on a base of modern pedagogy.
  • Make sure that all training is available at any time, anywhere and in bite sized chunks.

How did Loops get to this point?

Ten years ago we sat out on a journey to change a little bit of the world, that bit was about how kids in school learned stuff. Well, the idea was that since there was a new digital paradigm coming, the only reasonable way of being a school should be the digital way. So Loops started to help schools in Sweden to change their way of teaching and learning so that they could take advantage of all the benefits the digital revolution provided them with.

The years passed by and Loops continued, with a steadfast will, believing that all Swedish schools would go digital, and now years later the government has actually decided to do that! After helping over 500.000 school children and training over 10.000 teachers, leaders and other staff within the school system Loops decided to go further and to the next level, but still with the key goal in focus - make learning better for people who learn!

It started off slowly with building digital learning experiences for the Swedish Parliament, helping H&M in Germany to create innovation circles, and Nordea Bank to develop a vision for a new learning paradigm within their organization. We also got the opportunity to assist TUI in making their training center truly digital, and the best football team in the world IFK Göteborg (yes I'm biased, we will work with AIK Stockholm as well...) turned to us to develop an innovative model for how to work with their academy managers to get better at being football coaches… and well, we worked with building skills for the future, reline tubes world wide, creating content against drugs within sports, and… well, from experimenting we now think that we actually know what we are doing.

Today we create collaborative modern learning, using technology and a modern view on dialogue and feedback driven pedagogy in conjunction with the best web and digital design. Together with video and text production as its best - we help people learn, and we are actually darn good at it!

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Try us - we will make you learn!

Karl Alfredsson, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Ernst Rosén AB.


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