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Interest in Virtual Classroom solutions has exploded due to Covid-19, and at Loops Education we wish to assist every teacher in their work to maintain good pedagogical practices, even when there is no way to physically meet in class. That is why we now offer our virtual classroom tool Loops free of charge until July 1.

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The Loops crash course for teachers

Crash course for teachers

Pedagogisk kompetensutveckling

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The purpose of this learning loop is to introduce a revolutionary tool where you can create and build your own digital education, by yourself or together with others, and then share it with other teachers if you want to. Along the way, you will also get tips on how to create good distance learning.

This loop is built by Loops team of peadogical experts.

Loops team av lärandeexperter

We are a Swedish Edtech company with one driving force: to make learning accessible to all, wherever they are and whoever they are. With the help of hundreds of teachers and pedagogical professionals, we have created Loops, a digital learning system based on spatial learning that we believe will make our vision a reality.

Loops is based on pedagogical research and is by now a tried and tested digital tool for effective and engaging tutor-led teaching, used by schools all over Sweden. As a teacher, you easily create your own interactive learning content in the form of learning loops, filled with material like links to articles, text from textbooks, videos, quizzes, individual- and group assignments. You communicate with your students all through the loop via text, voice- or video recordings, or by adding a link to a video call to talk to the entire class. 

Introduction to Loops for teachers

Loops also gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to create and share digital learning content in an open resource library created specifically to ease access to digital learning content in times like these. All loops shared in this library are ready to be utilized and modified to best suit your individual needs. Once you find a loop that you like, simply duplicate it to your private library and use or modify it as you wish.

In short, Loops provides a digital tool for the entire learning process with built in functionality for formative communication and options to alter content on the go. In light of recent developments and a great need for digital teaching tools, we offer Loops for free for all teachers until July 1st. Get started today with this introductory loop! 

We hope it will be of use for you in these weird and challenging times. Big hugs!

/The Loops team

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