How learning future-proofs your business

It is about time we focus on the larger theme of how to lay the foundation for a business able to stand the test of time in an era of rapid, and often rather drastic, change. Needless to say, some serious changes are necessary to keep up. This loop aims to provide you with information, inspiration, and some hands-on advice in getting started with future-proofing your business.

Loop on the future of business, by Agnes Haverling

The future of business

Business development

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This loop will hopefully disperse some of the mist shrouding the future of business. You will get insights from thought leaders on how to stay with change, utilize future tech, and lay the foundation for a future-proof business. Feel free to remix the loop to better suit your needs!

Agnes Haverling has a Bachelors degree in digital media and pedagogy and writes about organisational learning.

Agnes Haverling

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Agnes Haverling, fil. kand. i Digital media & Pedagogik och skriver om produktivitet, organisatoriskt lärande och metodik.


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