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As humans we make sense of our world through the stories we choose to tell about ourselves and the stories we choose to hear. The architecture of the human brain is built to create and respond to stories. So, what is the story of your organisation, and how is this being heard by those you wish to employ?

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Katrice Horsley

Today we know it is an employees market. Many people are searching for a job that not only provides money and security but that also has a story that is meaningful to them. A story that corresponds to their core values. In a digital world, organisations are sharing facts and figures with great rapidity, using a range of software and visuals to entice potential employees. However, facts do not go deep enough to engender trust, a good story does. Potential employees want to know who you are, what you stand for and how they will be a part of your story.

“Human beings share stories to remind each other of who they are and how they should act.” - Jonah Sachs

At Loops Education we want to provide you with inspiration, advice and techniques to help you start to create your story. Therefore I would like to invite you to connect withs us to explore what type of language will attract the employees you desire, and also how you can make them feel that they are welcomed and secure within your organisation, so that they will be more likely to stay with you during times of change and struggle.

So get in touch and start to create a powerful story that represents your organisation. A story that attracts the employees you wish, enables you to make them feel secure and vital to the story you are creating and in addition, learn how you can use digital onboarding as a valuable tool in sharing and assessing your vision and narrative.

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Katrice Horsley, international storyteller and inspirational lecturer.


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