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Loops Education consists of a small, dynamic and diverse group of people with one driving force: to make learning accessible to all, wherever they are and whoever they are. We have created an incredible system that we believe will make our vision a reality. 

We believe that learning is a journey that expands when driven by curiosity and exploration. That is why Loops works as a digital map, enabling you to create both individual and shared learning journeys for your participants, whether they are employees or students.


We know that traditional education was created for a different time with different needs and that collaboration and creativity are essential for successful learning, for innovation, and for growth within organisations. Our pedagogical experts have designed Loops to respond to these needs and to ensure that deep, rich learning takes place.

With Loops you are no longer forced to use a learning model created in another time for another world that no longer exists. Loops makes you the mapmaker who designs the learning you need for the future you want.


We envision a future where learning is a right rather than a privilege, but we are humble enough to know we cannot do it alone:  We need you to help us. We invite you to become the heroes in the quest to make this dream a reality. Together, let’s close the knowledge gap and make learning accessible to all.

In a time of misinformation, monopolies and division, let Loops become a compass that guides us on a shared journey of curiosity and collaboration, with learning at its heart.


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